About Me

Things I Like: Jesus, being a mommy and wife, beauty (inner and outer), impeccable grammar, humility, brunch, goats, kind people, intelligence, candor, my city (Lakeland, FL), the Oxford Comma, mermaids, eyelashes, & sincerity.

Things I Dislike: Complaining, terrible smells, when my digital devices don't work properly, negativity, gossip, diets, doctor appointments, & when I can't get my eyeliner wings even.

A quick summary of my career: Grew up in Lakeland, Florida. Graduated from Southeastern University in 2010 with my Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing. Decided I didn't want to do business marketing. Got Hired at MAC Cosmetics in the end of 2010. Enrolled in Joe Blasco Makeup School and graduated in 2011. Quit MAC after three years and did only freelance makeup work. In January of 2016, decided I wanted to take my business a step further and add on "esthetician" and "eyelash extension technician" to my resume. Enrolled in Focus 4 Beauty cosmetology, and graduated with my esthetician license in May of 2016. Have been doing lashes ever since!

What I do & Why I do it: I love to make everyone feel like they are the best version of themselves. Because when you feel your best, you look your best!