Eyelash Extensions

Classic lashes:
full set- $185
2 week refill- $53
3 week refill- $65
4 week refill- $85

Volume lashes:
full set- $250
2 week refill- $65
3 week refill- $85
4 week refill- $105

Mascara (black)- $30
(Lash friendly/oil free) Makeup Remover-  $20

Any time after the 4 week mark, it is considered a full set.


For volume lashes, instead of 1 extension per natural lash, I put multiple extensions per lash to give a more voluminous effect! If you currently have classic extensions, you do not need to remove them to have volume lashes. Book a volume refill, and I will just start filling you in with volume lashes! :)


Please note: You should have at least 50% of your eyelash extensions still attached in order for your service to be considered a refill, otherwise it is up to my discretion to decide how much to charge depending on the amount of lashes you will need to have a complete set. You should have no problem retaining AT LEAST 50% of your lashes (in most cases way more than 50%) between refills if you are taking care of them properly (i.e. using the recommended mascara and makeup remover, not pulling on them, not sleeping on them etc.).



Bridal Makeup (Includes strip lashes)- $110
Wedding Party Makeup-$80
Junior Bridesmaid Makeup- $30
Trial Run- $80
Tattoo Cover up- starts at $60
Standard Makeup Application- $80
Strip False Lashes- $10
Travel Fee- $.75/mile over 15 miles

*Flower girl(s) age 10 and under will be complimentary (includes blush, lipgloss, & eyeshadow)
*Any reasonable makeup touchups will be included (time allowing). Touchups include touching up makeup or changes that can be accomplished in 3 minutes or less.
*There is a four (4) person or $350 minimum required for all on location jobs. All other makeups will be done in studio. Thanks!